• OPTIMIN rabbit, 1L

Strengthening the immune system and increasing utility
OPTIMIN is an excellent preparation for animals in captivity, which cannot use the natural choice of food depending on the current needs of their organism, which also change with age, requirements for high utility, etc. For this reason, the immune system's defenses are often weakened. these animals, which then become very susceptible to various diseases. As a result of the imbalance of minerals in the body, there are also problems with usability, vitality, etc.

OPTIMIN contains a specific complex of mineral and other substances, taking into account the individual needs of the animal category for which it is intended. Mineral substances are in a form that ensures the maximum effectiveness of each element in such a way that the level of individual elements in the body is balanced.

The high effectiveness of OPTIMIN is determined by both natural substances and, in particular, the specific ratio of electrolytes, which is also (like the content of individual elements) optimized for a specific category of animals. As a result, the passage of active substances through the cell membrane into the cell interior is accelerated.

For the above reasons, OPTIMIN is clearly more effective than standard liquid mineral animal dietary supplements (which are already 80% more effective than solid mineral supplements).


    Minerals, electrolytes
    natural substances, herbal extract
    treated drinking water

Instructions for administering the preparation:

It is administered in the amount of 10 ml per 1 liter of drinking water throughout the year.

The preparation can be combined and administered simultaneously with any BENEFEED® product. These products are listed below on this page, but only one type of packaging for each product is given here. Other packaging can be found in the relevant product category.


Store in a dry and dark place in original closed containers. After opening, it should be used gradually, the product is not suitable for long-term storage. The light sediment comes from the natural substances contained in the product and is not a product defect.

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OPTIMIN rabbit, 1L

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