About us

Following the introduction of rabbits and poultry in our small ferm, we started to look for solutions to easier and more efficient care for the animals, while maintaining a clean and aesthetic environment.

Lithuanian market of feeding and drinking was missing equipment and options, so we started looking around and we brought abroad a number of interesting items from the suppliers and manufacturers.

The majority of the store offered items -  drinkers and feeders for birds and rabbits, cage production tools, heating equipment tested and used in our farm. So we can recommend you what and how to use. Almost all of the our products are made in the European Union - Italy, Germany and the Netherlands (only grain mills in Russia) and is widely used in small poultry and rabbit farms throughout Europe and Russia.

If our store is  out the products that you're looking for, feel free to contact us - we will help find and bring any item from the European manufacturers.

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